Do you know ramen?

Do you know about noodles in Korea? 
Ramen is a Korean noodle dish.   How much ramen do you eat?
Do you often eat ramen?    Or do you eat often?
If you eat ramen three times a week, it causes diseases like arteriosclerosis stroke.
Too much salt can cause diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease.
Ramen contains an average of 2.82 to 6.3 grams of sodium.
This sodium is equal to three-thirds of the adult standard.
Excessive intake of salt causes sodium to flow out of the urine, which also leads to a lack of calcium.  Of course, it doesn't matter if you eat it sometimes.
Spicy ramen is typical. 
Spicy ramen irritates the stomach and intestines, causing heartburn or indigestion.
Experts say that if you want to eat ramen healthy, add eggs.
Milk is said to be good for sodium in ramen.
If you don't eat ramen soup, you can reduce your sodium intake by up to half.
Experts say that if you want to eat ramen, eat it once a week.

Reason to grow trees

Wasn't it hotter this summer?  Do you know why?
The cause is wood. Trees lower the temperature.
But countries in the U.S. are losing trees.   Thirty-six million trees are lost every year.
So what do we do?  So what do we do?  So what do we do? 
If there are trees, the city will not be polluted and the city will be warmer.
We cut down trees when we build roads and buildings.
It has an adverse effect on humans.
Because trees can reduce energy loss from air pollution.
A lot of good things happen when there are more trees.
When there are more trees, it cools the surrounding area.
Second, air pollution decreases.   Thirdly, energy emissions are reduced.
Fourth, the water quality improves.
No. 5 trees can prevent floods by absorbing water.
Sixth, the noise decreases.
You can experience the sound of birds and leaves that you've never heard before.
You can hear the sound of psychological stability.
Trees absorb 96% of UV rays. So we can protect them from the ultraviolet rays.
The act…

The Effect of Computer Games on the Brain

Anyone who has played computer games will know.
The daze lasts for a long time.
There's a reason for all that. If you play games for a long time, you won't activate your prenatal inflammation.  Because the hippocampus shrinks.
The frontal lobe produces short-term memory and concentration, and the hippocampus produces long-term memory and emotional behavior.
Compute games have a huge impact on the brain.  According to scientists, playing games for a long time can make your memory and concentration worse.
If severe, you may develop dementia.
Our brains are not fixed and change according to the tasks given.
Computer games are stimulating, so the structure of the brain can change.
When you become addicted to games, you believe in them as a reality.
I get stressed out if I play games for a long time.
Continuing stress can lead to depression or lethargy.
It can affect the nervous system or hormones, which can lead to poor immune function.
Playing games for a long time causes many ph…

a strange phenomenon in Korea

The reality is that it is hard even to go to the best university in Korea.
No matter how good a university you go, you can't get a job.
So in Korea, there are many cases where people give up on something huge.
Some people in Korea have given up all seven.
The number of people who have given up on dating, marriage, human relations, getting a job, marriage, childbirth, and even hope is increasing.
Of course, more people have given up on their homes.
People are giving up a lot more than that.
More and more people have given up on hobbies, travel and friendship.
Many people give up on getting a job because it's getting harder and harder.
I wonder why people work so hard to get an education.
Of course, they've been studying hard to make money, but it's not.
I'm curious. Really.     Why don't people from Seoul National University and Yonsei University join conglomerates?
At the end of the day, Koreans saw technology like cars.
But now, students from the top universit…

a strange phenomenon in Korea

In Korea, working is hard, so I prefer staying at home to meeting people.
Recently, more and more people are playing alone in Korea.
I give up other things because of the economic situation.
Some people don't go to the gym and buy exercise equipment at home.
More and more people are eating alone in Korea.
Now even college students eat alone.
There are many people in Korea who pursue goal-oriented relationships rather than human relations    More and more people are enjoying their leisure and hobby by themselves without having a relationship with others.
People in their 20s and 30s hate having relationships with people.
People in their 20s and 30s in Korea are becoming more and more willing to cooperate with others and remove the burden of interpersonal relationships.
Korea can reduce unnecessary expenses without interpersonal relationships.
However, they may not understand each other and communication may not work.
No matter how virtual the environment is, deep conversations are …

The reason why old people are poor.

Passing the street, you can see old people looking poor.
Looking at the poor old man, we wonder what he did in the past.
You will become an old man someday.
Korea has the highest poverty rate for the elderly.
In Korea, aging is symbolic of poverty.
Most old people are not poor because they don't work hard when they are young.
There are some cases when money is too plentiful to be poor, but it is rare.
In some cases, the foreign exchange crisis or bankruptcy of the company can make you poor.   The reason why Korea has a high poverty rate is because it is not safe from social risks.     With a good social safety net, you can get back on your feet even if you go out of business.   But it is impossible in Korea.
When the company goes bankrupt, he immediately becomes poor.
Of course, if you have money, you can buy it, but that's limited.
The economy is not so good these days, so the hardest thing is the elderly.
It is not safe to have a lot of money.   It is because of my children.

about food additives

Food is one thing in a capitalist society.
The most important thing is the delicious taste and the color of the product.
It should also remain intact for a long time.
That's the only way to sell it for a long time.
Food additives come from places like the United States.
Food mile is the distance from the place where food ingredients, such as agricultural products, to the table of consumers  Food miles are too long these days.
The food additive is the problem with long food miles.
This is the era of mass consumption of food additives.
You eat a lot of food additive without even knowing it.
Korea has 24.7 kilograms of food additives in a year.
If you set a person's life expectancy at 80 years, the amount of food additives they consume for life amounts to 2 tons.
This much food additive is naturally bad for the body.
Unsuspected food additives accumulate for a long time and eventually become contaminated.   Because of its name, natural additives are safe and thought.
Natural addi…