the truth of a lizard

Many lizards do not freeze on the ground because of their lack of thermoregulation compared to other animals. Lizards that live in cold climates must hibernate.
Lizards are the most common reptiles found in warm areas, such as tropical and temperate regions, and in deserts and dry areas.
When the desert gets too hot, the lizard goes into the shade or sand to avoid the sun.
The most remarkable feature about lizards is that they have a variety of ways of moving.
A giant lizard named Mosaus, who lived 60 million years ago, straddles the sea and moves around.  Many species today move through trees and trees like flying squirrels.
These lizards are called flying lizards. Many kinds of lizards live on land or trees.
A lizard defends itself in many ways.  Many lizards bluff and threaten or cheat their enemies like snakes do. When a lizard is attacked by an enemy, it disconnects its tail.
But some lizards hurt their enemies.  Some other species, similar to the royal lizard, have a large jaw and whip its tail to inflict fatal attacks on the enemy.
Unlike snakes, lizards have almost no poison.
The only venomous lizard is the southwestern United States and Mexico Beaded lizard in the Gila monster living in the North and flexible relationship.
The horn lizard living in the desert area has a very unusual ability.
A horn lizard can spray blood from its eyes up to a meter long.
When attacked by an enemy, the sharp thorns on the head and back are also used as defense tools.  Unlike snakes, some lizards eat plants instead of small animals and insects. Hundreds of species of lizards usually have a strong appetite, eating club guns and small animals.  Some lizards that live in Australia mix the seeds of plants and animals such as snails. Only a few lizards, such as the Mediterranean chameleon, can catch food with their tongues.  Today, people's activities threaten the survival of lizards.
People take their eggs and in some countries hunt iguanas and other lizards to eat.
Lizard's habitat has been destroyed in many parts of the world and is still going on
In the past, several kinds of lizard wallets and handbags were hunted for leather.
Many countries now ban hunting lizards for this purpose.


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