Do you know about salmosa?

One of the poisonous snakes is called salmosa.
Salmosa is distributed in Korea, Japan, China and Russia.
The head is almost triangular and has an organ that spreads between the eyes and the nostrils to detect chemicals around it.  Salmosa's tongue is black and her tail
The round pattern on the back alternates from side to side, and then merges as the tail goes.   It's a cytotoxic poison that doesn't attack first like a lethal or other poisonous snake.  And it's only within a 20-centimeter range.
In Korea, it is distributed all over the country except Jeju Island.
Rather than high mountains, they feed on wild rats and frogs near hillsides, thorns, and verdant rocks.  At the beginning of September, they give birth to 6 to 12 cubs.
In October, when the temperature goes down to an average of 10.c, we hibernate between the rocks in sunny places.   In addition to salmosa and snakes such as salmosa, kkachi salmosa, iron salmosa, etc., there are also northern salmosa
Nosalsa is found in Korea and in the North.


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