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About sexually transmitted diseases


t's a direct sex act that leads to all the diseases that are usually transmitted.
Since the late 20th century, this term has been used in a broader sense as a sexual transmission disorder.   Almost all sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through sexual contact with infected people.  In rare cases, however, it can be transmitted through items such as contaminated cooking, towels, and toilets.
It can also be transmitted by the coughing and runny nose of an infected person.
It can be transmitted from the pool.   AIDS and a handful of other sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through direct contact with infected blood.
The infected mother can transmit the disease to the baby, which is when the fetus grows inside the womb and transmits it during delivery.
In general, there is a high risk of infection if you start sex at an early age, have sex with many people, or have sex with a prostitute.
And the frequency and duration of sexual intercourse with infected people …

Roman glass from Silla

Roman glass

Roman glassware was found in Silla's tomb, which is believed to have been made in the 300s and 300s.  These glass vessels were not found in Goguryeo or Baekje areas.
Silla, Goguryeo and Baekje like early exchanges with other countries because?
Silla was the last of the three kingdoms to establish its foundation.
So, it was not until 377 and 391 that the first envoys were sent to Jinju, China.
After that, he sent an envoy to the Liang Dynasty of China in 521 years later.
However, Silla was not able to send envoys to Goguryeo or Baekje and became known to Silla   But how did Silla people get Roman glass?
During the reign of Silla, there was a situation where the Goguryeo army helped drive out Japan, which invaded across the sea
With this incident, Silla began to be meddled with Goguryeo.
The exchange with Goguryeo has also increased.
So, I had a chance to go to Goguryeo or go through Goguryeo to China, enter Western countries, and get access to Roman goods.
The glass wa…

About the cactus you didn't know.

It is native to America and South America.  The plant is a cactus and it is a spiny plant.
According to scientists, cactus first lived on Earth millions of years ago.
The cactus that grew in this period had leaves and woody stems like trees.
Cactus has very long roots that grow close to the surface to store as much water as possible.   The cactus' roots are 15 meters long, so it can absorb a lot of water on a rainy day.   Cactus thorns serve to protect plants from being eaten by animals.
Cactus flowers usually run for a short period of time.
act as a deterrent against the evaporation of water from the petals.
All cactus reproduce by means of meteoric reproduction.
Cactus flowers have a male part. 
In order for the cactus to reproduce, the yellow flower made in the aquatic region of the plant must be modified with the egg cells in the cancerous region.
While eating insects, birds, bats, and honey that have been attracted to the colorful colors and scent of flowers, cactus is buri…

About mice

Who is a small animal with soft fur, a round, black eyes, and a round ears?
So, let's start talking about mice.
The mouse has lived in a human house since one day.
It spread across Europe from Asia and today lives in Central Africa and the rest of the world  For thousands of years, we've seen it in the arable area.
Today, they also live in underground railway networks.
Mice live in buildings, day and night, and they move about everywhere.
Mice often ride well through the walls of their houses.
Because the mouse has bad eyes, it enters the room without knowing people.
The mouse tears the box for food in the house and shoots books, clothes, and furniture at random.  A mouse can eat almost anything that a human can eat.
They even eat glue, glue, and soap.
Mice that live in the fields also eat leaves, roots, seeds, and plants.
Mice always look for food, but they don't need to eat much.
Mice live wherever they can eat and hide.
Therefore, a warm, quiet, and dark place makes a …

The people of Baekje occupied the Han River basin first.

Like the name of Baekje, it was associated with the sea from the time it was founded.
Baekje had many sides surrounded by the sea.
The people of Baekje had to pass Goguryeo or go out to sea to go to other countries.
Therefore, Baekje developed the art of sailing from an early age.
Therefore, Baekje had no choice but to become familiar with the sea.
However, technology was able to develop towards Baekje ahead of other countries, among other things, the Han River basin near the sea in the West
The Han River basin had wide fields and large rivers, so it was good for farming and for people to live in.  Also, it was easy to gather people from various regions because it was the center of the Korean Peninsula.
Baekje also had an advantage in spreading its power to the surrounding areas.
The west coast of the Han River basin was jagged and had perfect conditions for making ports for ships to and from  All three kingdoms of Goguryeo, Silla, and Baekje did not hesitate to fight for land in the …

about a person's growth


n the fertilized egg, it is said to be a plant and animal that is in the early stages of each organ's differentiation.  About two months after the modification, it is only four centimeters long, but it takes the form of a human being.
From this time on, a person's belly is called a fetus.
At the age of seven months, the fetus weighs about 0.9 kilograms.
Of course, if you weigh less than the average baby, you enter the incubator room.
Babies have grown at an alarming rate since then, and when they were born in two months, they usually weigh between 2.7 and 3.6 kilograms and weigh between 48 and 53 centimeters.  Babies grow fastest in two years.
When a teenager reaches age, he or she begins to sleep fast again for the first two months, and usually grows to 10 to 30 centimeters tall at the age of 12 to 14.
Then, the fastest growing period for a teenager can appear anytime between the ages of 12 and 17.  Healthy people usually stop growing between the ages of 18 and 30.
But the …

establish diplomatic relations between the three countries

During the Three Kingdoms Period, diplomatic relations were established by sending envoys first to interact with neighboring countries. The envoy is similar to the current diplomat. No one could be an envoy because he had to meet the king of the neighboring country on behalf of the king.   The king picked someone he could trust and assigned them to do important work. The reason why the three countries sent envoys to establish diplomatic relations with other countries was different then.  In the Three Kingdoms Period, the process of establishing diplomatic relations between countries was unique. In particular, when we established diplomatic relations with China, we went through the stage of paying tribute at the foot of a book.  The bookbar was first born in China, and it was made by inserting a certificate of confirmation that diplomatic relations were established when diplomatic relations were established. I exchanged goods with the country where I received the money, and this is th…

facts about ginger

a perennial plant fragrant in the earth's underground stem and flavored with tangy oxen.
The plant is called an idea.  This idea adds flavor to the bread, tea, and so on.
Ginger is distributed in Japan, Asia, tropical regions, Australia, West Indies, South America, the Republic of West Africa, and so on.
From the stalks of the ground with their joints and roots, the long earthy stems and leaves resembling the crests of rice and plant leaves sprout themselves.
The flowers that run on the flow of flowers look like pine needles and have purple lines on a grass-colored background.  Ginger as a spice can be divided into four types: Marin Ginger, Black Ginger, White Ginger, Processed Ginger, etc.
Dried ginger is dried by washing the underground stem and black ginger is dried after blanching it in cut water. 
White ginger is the peeling, washing, and drying of the stalks in the ground.
Processed ginger is made by peeling off the skin and grinding it in syrup.
India and Jamaica have the…

Do you know about external secretions?

The material produced by the endocrine gland is carried through the blood, while the material produced by the outer secretion gland is carried through the tubes to various organs for various functions.  For example, sweat glands secrete sweat to cool the skin, and sebum glands provide oil to make the skin smooth.
Also, a tear fountain makes tears and moistens
Some exocrine glands secrete substances that moisturize and smooth the surfaces of organs in the body.   The outer glands in the mouth or stomach produce digestive juices that help digest food.
Some exocrine glands secrete a substance called pulmonary hormones.
Lung hormones are secreted by many kinds of animals and play an important role in communicating with each other.
Some of the outer secretions are made up of only one cell.
Most exocrine glands release secretions in response to stimulation of the local nerve endings.  But there is also an exocrine gland that is controlled by hormones.
For example, gastric glands are stimul…

Do you know what endocrine glands are?

Photograph on endocrine glands             

tissue or organ that produces and secrete useful chemicals.
The endocrine gland is said to be a tubeless spring.
Helps the nervous system control various physical activities.
Endocrine glands produce and secrete hormones that are passed through the blood to the whole body. 
The organ or tissue in which hormones affect is called the target organ.
When the target organ is reached, certain actions take place.
Hormones control the physical process of growth, development, and reproduction.
It also regulates the body's response to stress and keeps the chemical composition of the blood within its normal range.
It also regulates the process of converting food into energy and bio-organization.
Endocrine glands produce one or more hormones.
Some of these springs are divided into two or more parts and release different hormones.  For example, adrenal glands are divided into cortical and water quality.
The adrenal co…

East Asian countries are similar to each other.

East Asia is the eastern part of the Asian continent.
In East Asia, there are countries such as Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Thailand  These countries are collectively called East Asia.
The climate is similar in this area, and the food people eat and the way they live has a common characteristic not seen in other areas.
First, East Asian countries usually eat rice.  East Asia all had four distinct seasons and it was good to grow rice because of the heavy rain in the summer.
So people in this area grew rice from day one and took rice as their main food source.
To eat, you need a bowl of rice and you need a spoon or a pack of milk.
Maybe that is why East Asian countries use similar dishes when they eat.
Second bazaar was dressed with a jeogori waistband hat.
The people of Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla are wearing long tops and pants or skirts below.   He wore a strap on his waist and a hat, but sometimes he wore a scroll.
'The scrolls are almost identical to the outer g…