about the digestive system

The fire started in your mouth.  Chewing is very important in digestion.
Chewed food is broken into small particles, making it easier to react to digestive juices.
Also, saliva and rot in the process of chewing food contains amylase.
The amylase in saliva breaks down starch in food water into sugar.
The food that is chewed and swallowed by the mouth is sent up past the throat and esophagus.  On strong muscles in the stomach lining is constantly shrinking food, relaxation of digestive juices and mix well.
The digestive juices secreted by the stomach are called gastric juices.
The gastric juice contains hydrochloric acid and pepsin, which digest protein foods such as meat, eggs, and milk, and does not digest carbohydrate fat.
Some foods usually stay in the stomach for two to five hours after meals.
But liquids and small pieces travel almost immediately to the small intestine.
A thick liquid formed when stomach food is mixed with digestive juices and partially digested is called yumi juice. 
The citrus juice travels from the stomach to the small intestine.


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