About infantile paralysis

a paralytic disease caused by virus infection.
The reason why it is called polio is that children get sick a lot.
In the past, polio cases were common and left many patients with a lifetime of paralysis.
But since the polio vaccine was developed in the 1950s, it has almost disappeared in the developed world.
polio breaks into nerve cells in the brain and spine and causes paralysis.
But not everyone infected with polio always suffers from a serious illness.
Depending on the patient, only relatively mild symptoms such as fever, headache, and
These symptoms disappear in 24 hours.
These symptoms are common in many diseases.
Severe polio begins with the same symptoms as minor polio.
But the symptoms don't go away, the neck and back become stiff, muscular, and difficult to move.  It can cause pain in the back and legs.
It gets worse when you try to pull on that part or straighten it out.
Even if you have a certain level of polio, it doesn't always mean you're permanently paralyzed.  There are many kinds of paralysis and the degree of paralysis.
Some polio patients develop new symptoms after more than 30 years of polio, such as fatigue, muscle strength, joint pain, and difficulty breathing.
There are three viruses that cause polio.  polio grows only in living cells.
After it enters the body through the mouth and nose, it goes to the bowel and travels along the nerve fibers or the bloodstream to the central nervous system.
The polio virus that enters the nerve cells of the central nervous system rapidly proliferate, killing or damaging nerve cells.
When many nerve cells in the central nervous system are destroyed, paralysis occurs.
A virus comes out of the patient's nose, throat, or intestines and infects others.
Not everyone gets polio because they're infected with it.  The polio virus was also found in the body of a healthy person during the time of polio epidemic.
Inoculation in each six months and four months the polio vaccine is 2 months old before entering the school decided to get one more time in four to six years old.
There are no drugs yet that prevent polio virus from being killed or transmitted or proliferated in the body.
The extent to which the patient recovers depends on whether there was immediate medical attention after the outbreak and how well he received care.
Once you have polio, the best cure is to get plenty of rest. 
A hot bath can relieve the pain. 
Two-thirds of patients with paralyzed breathing muscles regain normal breathing.


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