on the history of doctors

Surgery has been known since ancient times.
The first tool used by surgeons is known as flint carving.
Stone Age through the operation, which lasted through the hole in the patient's skull in the Stone Age people tried to drive Spirit is believed to have cause headaches and other diseases.  In primitive times, broken legs were splintered to keep them from moving.
I used a method of laryngeal support to stop bleeding.
The ancient Babylonians, Greeks and Romans knew about surgery.
The Department of Ophthalmology in the army has been an important position in surgery since 2000-3000 years ago  The Hindus of ancient India knew more than 125 surgical instruments as outstanding surgeons.
I've also developed a plastic surgery technique to replace a severed nose and ears.
In the Middle Ages, surgeons and barbers performed surgery.
But the only way to draw blood from a patient was a barber.
Because surgeons thought doing such things would damage their dignity.
The red and white stripes on the barbershop's signpost are derived from the patient's blood extraction  The red and white of the barber's signpost indicate bandages.
Farye of France, who lived in the 16th century among famous surgeons in the past, is called the father of modern foreign science.  Hunter, an English surgeon who lived in the 18th century, was called the founder of experimental science.
In 1842, American doctor Long operated on the first diethyl ether anesthetic.
The development of modern surgery-free surgical instruments. Technical improvement of surgical instruments. The development of anesthesia techniques for knowledge of physical function.    Significant progress has been made in many ways, including the use of chemicals to prevent and treat infections.


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