The truth you didn't know about pine trees.

Plants in the pine tree appeared on Earth at the end of the Mesozoic Triassic Period, about 170 million years ago. 
The current living plant in the pine tree appeared in the third period.
Pine trees have grown gradually in Korea since about 6,000 years ago.
This plant, which had been decreasing since, was destroyed by the development of agricultural culture.  Forests were destroyed and then re-spread.
The period when Korea began to protect pine trees was during the Silla Period.
During the late Goryeo Period, Ondol became common.
During the Joseon Dynasty, many pine trees were needed to build new palaces and ships, so the country banned pine tree hives
As a result, in the 1930s, more than 70% of the country's forest area became pine trees.
Collect firewood and pitch in the Japanese occupation, destroyed much of a lot.
In the 1960s, truffles were severely damaged.
First reported in 1929, pine needles have been damaging pine forests nationwide so far
Also, the pine tree re-election disease, which was first discovered in Busan in 1988, has spread rapidly and is having difficulty controlling it


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