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tiger life

Tigers live alone all the time.   But I am not close to other tigers.
When we go around at night, we rub our heads together to greet each other.
Tigers sometimes share their food.
Many tigers protect their homes and drive out other males.
Depending on the amount of food you eat, it is different to keep the main body of self-preservation. 
The tiger marks its path with fluids from a spring near the urine and anus.
The smell of a tiger is a sign to other tigers that they already own in this area.
Females can have babies 3.5 to 4 years old.  The pregnancy period is 100 to 110 days.
You can have up to six in a litter, but you usually have two or three.
A neborn can't do anything on its own. 
A year later, you can't hunt enough food to eat.
It takes about two years for the cub to become independent.
Tigers ive in the wild for about 20 years.

How to Stay Out of Fake News

Fake news doesn't go away. It's going to get worse.
Artificial intelligence technology can produce fake information that is not distinct from the real and the fake, making it difficult for the average person to tell.
The use of the news is personal.   In the world of smartphones and social media, individuals actively choose their favorite news.
We will use the news mainly to satisfy our interests.
The second social media environment doesn't show the source well.
They read the news on social media, and they don't really care where it comes from.
People just remember the platform.
The third acquaintance's influence has expanded.
Fake news producers use fake news as a conduit for spreading fake news.
Users tend to believe in information without considering its source.
To avoid falling into fake news, you have to read the title critically.
The more fake news, the more sensational the story, the more attention it gets to the reader.  The more sensational and extreme th…

About Elephants

Females and males live almost separately.
An average of 10 females and cubs live in one family.
This family usually includes three or four cubs.
The cubs range from newborn to about 12 years old.
The family leads the oldest female family.
The males who live apart from the family all share a certain area.
The population ranges from hundreds to thousands.
These areas are about 250 kilometers from the plant-rich rainforest.
Wild elephants are used to eat more than 16 hours a day.
Elephants like to bathe in lakes and rivers and wallow in mud.
Elephants eat about 140 kilograms of plants a day.   I eat 150 liters of water a day.
I usually walk at 5 to 10 kilometers per hour.
On long trips, all families walk at about 16 kilometers per hour.
Elephants cannot run long distances because of their weight.
A male elephant can mate at the age of 10 to 14 years old.
But in reality, it takes more than 30 years to mate.
On average, they start mating in 12 years.
We give birth every four or five years…

fly Life

Flies lay about 1-400 eggs at a time, depending on the species.
Some breeds lay thousands of eggs in their lifetime.
Generally the eggs of Paris are round.
There are many different places where flies lay eggs.
A fly that wakes up from an egg is commonly called a maggot.
There are many places where maggots live in animal and plant bodies where food and trash are dead. 
During caterpillars, the body usually escapes several times as it grows while eating.
Adult caterpillars change into pupa, and their duration varies from days to two years depending on the species.
It is time to break the rapid changes in physiology and form to become a caterpillar.
Paris also lives about three weeks in summer.
I live longer in autumn and spring when the temperature is low.
Most people spend the winter in the condition of the egg larvae pupae because they cannot live in the winter.  Some flies hibernate until spring.

The fact that I didn't know about dogs.

It is completely incomprehensible to a dog to eat poo in a person's common sense.
People think there is a problem with dogs.  But humans and dogs are different.
Think of a newborn puppy.  I can't open my eyes and walk properly.
But it feeds on milk and dissipates.
The mother dog licks her excreta with her tongue.
No wonder a dog with this habit eats its own poo.
Once the puppy is able to pee on its own, the mother dog will lick and dispose of it.
But there is no resistance to eating shit.
In fact, in countries with poor food conditions, such as Southeast Asian countries, dogs can see them eating their own poop and human poop.
However, it is hard to imagine dogs eating dog poop for food in developed countries where food is plentiful.   There must be another reason if you eat poop even though you usually give enough food.  The most common cause is anxiety.
It's the anxiety people feel when they're alone at home after they are out.
Of course, there must be some people wh…

a secret I didn't know about a puppy.

Watching the puppy welcome him, he feels sorry for his owner, so he plays hard.
Because I want to soothe the lonely heart of the dog that has been at home all day and relax.   But that's actually a wrong idea.
To become a great deal of stress in dogs to play together at home.
The reason is that people have their own circumstances and things happen.
Sometimes you are forced to leave your dog alone at home or greet someone who suddenly visits you.
The owner thinks it's a regular thing to play with the owner every day.
That is, I think we should play together every day.
Therefore, a dog that can't understand his owner's situation must ask his owner to play with him even if he wants his face to be taken care of.
If the family is watching TV without paying attention to themselves, the dog may interfere.   But it's not always good to pretend that we're playing
The reason is that it is a common symptom when under severe stress.
The more stress you get, the more disco…

an important fact about sleep

Most people sleep at night.
Some countries have traditionally had nap times, such as Espanyah and Latin America.
But the entire time spent sleeping is similar to people who don't take a nap.
A newborn sleeps several times during the day or at night.
I take a nap when I am two to three months old, but I learn how to sleep at night.
Almost all children don't take a nap at the age of six.
I sleep 10 to 14 hours a day on average at the age of four.
The average adult needs eight and a half hours of sleep.
Many older adults suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea.
All activities are reduced, muscles are relaxed, and heart rate and breathing are slowed down.   And as you fall asleep, you slowly become unconscious of what's happening around you.    A person changes posture at least 12 times while sleeping, and the head, arms and legs move much more often.
The deeper you fall asleep, the slower your brain becomes.
People who can't sleep are not energetic a…

Foods that dogs can't eat.

The first is nuts such as grapes and raisins.
Height and bad for your stomach and can cause kidney failure.
Some breeds can cause kidney failure.
Once a kidney failure occurs, you can die within three to four days.
Symptoms include vomiting, comatose, dehydration, and poor eating.
any fruit such as orange, orange, lemon, strawberry, and apricot.
It's causing gastrointestinal problems.   There is a toxic substance called cyanide in fruit seeds such as apples, pears, plums, and apricots.  Dizziness, difficulty breathing, convulsions, breathing, shock, etc. can cause you to fall into a coma.
food with onions and garlic
It can cause kidney damage and addiction.
Onions and garlic destroy the red blood cells in your dog's blood.
This may be the reason why urine turns dark orange or dark red
There's a risk of indigestion.
Squid is a food that people can't digest even if they eat.
The dried squid is small in size, but when swallowed without chewing, it sticks without …

monkey life

All monkeys, including those living on the ground, are from monkeys that lived on trees.
So every monkey's body is suitable for living on trees and moving between trees.
Unlike other mammals, monkeys rely more on their eyesight than hearing to understand their surroundings.  Monkeys that live in zoos live longer than other animals.
They also live longer than other mammals except humans.
Chimpanzees live up to 60 years and tail monkeys live 40 years.
In the wild, disease and other reasons than when he was living in zoos ㅇ [ be short-lived.  Monkeys can eat almost anything.
The food is usually bird flowers, frogs, fruits, insects, leaves, and lizards.
Monkeys all have sharp spines on their molars to break leaves into small pieces.
Monkeys usually give birth to one litter.
But sometimes they give birth to two or three.
The monkey pregnancy period is approximately 4.5 to 8 months.
Most baby monkeys depend entirely on their mothers.
The mother feeds the birds for two to three weeks, d…

A Study on the Classical Society of the Silla Dynasty

After the death of Jang Bo-go, Cheonghaejin, in 846, the peaceful days continued for a while in Silla.   After King Munseong died, his uncle King Heonan succeeded him and King Heonan died without a son.
This time, his son-in-law, King Gyeongmun, succeeded him.
During his 15 years on the throne, King Gyeongmun calmed down the rebellion and stabilized his power.    He wanted to increase the authority of the king who fell to the ground due to frequent disputes over the throne, such as repairing the nine-story pagoda of Hwangnyongsa Temple  Thanks to King Gyeongmun's efforts, all the first sons and third daughters were crowned in succession  On September 9, 1880, King Heongang climbed a high pavilion in Wolseong with his officials.
I could see straight things at a glance, which were closely lined with tiles and houses.
Every house was covered with smoke.
There was a sound of singing coming from here and there.
On the surface, it was like living a rich and comfortable life.
However, du…

In fact, for a duck's life.

A duck's female lays five to twelve eggs.  After the female begins to incubate the eggs, the male leaves the female and stays with the other male.
A duck hatches three weeks to a month after it has a baby.
The baby from the egg can run, swim, and find its own food in 36 hours.
The baby grows fast and almost grows feathers in about a month.
Baby ducks learn to fly in five to eight weeks.
Sleep ducks, which are ducks that don't dive for food, usually eat wetland plants.
Sea-moving ducks eat plants, roots, seeds, snails, insects, and small shells.
The duck eats fish in the sea water.   Once a female builds a nest, the male leaves the female and gathers in another male to furry.   During the fur grinding process, the male will lose its feathers and will not be able to fly for
In early fall, the bright plumage is restored again.
When the egg hatches, the female starts furry and changes all her feathers.
When new feathers grow and young can fly, ducks move in groups in large lake s…

facts about the life of a fox

The female fox gives birth to a baby in late fall or early spring. The red fox gives birth to four to nine cubs in a boat. Gray foxes give birth to three or five. The newborn cub weighs about 110 grams and has a short mouth and close eyes. You can open your eyes ten days after you are born. You can eat your mother's milk for about five weeks and then eat some hard food. When they grow older, they play around with each other, and they can hit on insect sticks or their parents' tails. Parents bring a live mouse to the baby and make it fall on him. Teach them how to sneak up on their prey. When it is late, I start to become independent and go far away from where I was born. Parents break up with each other in early autumn or when the baby is independent, but they meet again in winter.   The fox who has paired up will settle down in the nest. The nest is a hole in the ground cave and sometimes digs its own. The nesting place in the ground is 20 meters long. Many foxes only live i…

a glorious fact about the history of football's development.

In 1865, 75:75, the team set the height of the goal at will to prevent games ending in the same score from happening   However, the goal was changed to 2.4 meters tall.
In 1871, the size and weight of the ball were determined.
The ball should have a circumference of 8.5 to 71 centimeters.
The weight of a soccer ball should be between 387 and 454 grams.
In 1871, the goalkeeper was first mentioned in soccer rules.
Until then, any player could hold the ball with his hands.
So all the players were goalkeepers.
But since 1871, only the goalkeeper has been able to catch the ball.
The goalkeeper became the goalkeeper who was closest to the goalpost.
But in fact, even in 1871, everyone was a goalkeeper.
In 1972, the ball bounced over, gave a free-kick but this time in a corner kick.
In 1882, two hands could be used for a single-handed blow-in.
In 1890, a net was installed on the goal post to make it easier for the referee to determine if the ball had been crushed
In 1912, the goalkeeper was …

History of Plants' Growing Place

Plants are warm and rainy at least one time of the year.
Grew up in a rich black soils but can grow in extreme environments.
Moss grows even in Antarctica, where temperatures rarely rise above 0.c.
Desert plants grow even in areas where the temperature rises more than 40.c.
Wealth only grows in damp conditions, such as swamps and wetlands.
Cactus usually grows in the desert.
There are many factors that make up the living environment of plants.
Among them, weather conditions such as sunlight, temperature, and precipitation are the most important. 
Other plants and animals that live in the same area, including soil, make up the environment of the plant and all these factors come together to form a natural cluster.
The two natural clusters are not identical, but there is a similarity between them.
The world can be divided into biological clusters.
In the important terrestrial biota, forests are divided into smaller groups, such as temperate, fallen leaves, forest, and tropical rain fore…

the work of the circulatory system

The circulatory system has many functions necessary for life support, including the supply of breathing nutrients and the removal of wastes or toxic substances
The circulatory system delivers nutrients and oxygen to the cells and removes waste, such as carbon dioxide, from the cells.
To do this, blood circulates and circulates the lungs.  Physical circulation begins when the left ventricle pumps oxygen-rich blood all over the body.
Blood flows from the left ventricle into the aorta, and then through several arteries that split from the femoral vein and eventually into the microscopic capillaries.
The circulatory system transmits the digestible nutrients to the cells of the body.
This nutrient is absorbed through the walls of the small intestine and enters the capillaries.    Blood carries most of the nutrients to the liver.
The liver takes certain nutrients from the blood, stores them, and releases them when the body needs them, or converts them into substances that the body needs.

the composition of a circulatory system

A person's circulatory system consists of heart, blood, and blood.
The heart is a hollow muscular organ that pumps blood.
The heart consists of one atrium and one ventricle from side to side.
When you take your blood, you relax, and when you release it, you contract.
The weaker right pump takes blood from the body and sends it to the lungs.
The blood vessels are intricately connected to every corner of the body.
a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart in a large
a vein of blood flowing into the heart    It is divided into three types of capillaries, the microscopic tube that connects arteries and veins.
Blood consists mainly of plasma of liquid and blood cells.
Most of the plasma is water, which includes protein and minerals.
red blood cells carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide in cell components.
a white blood cell that serves to protect our bodies from disease.
There is a platelet of blood involved in blood clotting.
Platelets coagulate the blood, helping to keep the blo…