A Study on the Classical Society of the Silla Dynasty

After the death of Jang Bo-go, Cheonghaejin, in 846, the peaceful days continued for a while in Silla.   After King Munseong died, his uncle King Heonan succeeded him and King Heonan died without a son.
This time, his son-in-law, King Gyeongmun, succeeded him.
During his 15 years on the throne, King Gyeongmun calmed down the rebellion and stabilized his power.    He wanted to increase the authority of the king who fell to the ground due to frequent disputes over the throne, such as repairing the nine-story pagoda of Hwangnyongsa Temple  Thanks to King Gyeongmun's efforts, all the first sons and third daughters were crowned in succession  On September 9, 1880, King Heongang climbed a high pavilion in Wolseong with his officials.
I could see straight things at a glance, which were closely lined with tiles and houses.
Every house was covered with smoke.
There was a sound of singing coming from here and there.
On the surface, it was like living a rich and comfortable life.
However, due to the Bone rank system of Silla society, there has been an increase in the number of complaints   He came from head rank six class and suggested that it is important not to be attracted to private bonds or bribes, but to give according to ability
However, giving government posts based on one's ability was difficult to practice in the Silla society where the Bone bank system was deeply established
In the end, Anne didn't accept his opinion.
Head rank six choejiwon, class ieottti a similar situation.
However, Choi Chi-won also had a high wall of hierarchy in the Silla Dynasty, even for talented people.   After returning from the Tang Dynasty, Choi Ji-won managed to work on building diplomatic documents.
Choi Chi-won was unable to participate in the core of politics.
Meanwhile, even in the provinces, complaints were mounting about the adjustment.
Meanwhile, even in the provinces, there was growing discontent with the government.
The local authorities ridiculed the king's power and refused to obeys him any more.
In addition, farmers' discontent was building up as aristocrats collected a severe amount of taxes in the provinces to maintain their luxurious lives.


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