facts about the life of a fox

The female fox gives birth to a baby in late fall or early spring.
The red fox gives birth to four to nine cubs in a boat.
Gray foxes give birth to three or five.
The newborn cub weighs about 110 grams and has a short mouth and close eyes.
You can open your eyes ten days after you are born.
You can eat your mother's milk for about five weeks and then eat some hard food.
When they grow older, they play around with each other, and they can hit on insect sticks or their parents' tails.
Parents bring a live mouse to the baby and make it fall on him.
Teach them how to sneak up on their prey.
When it is late, I start to become independent and go far away from where I was born.
Parents break up with each other in early autumn or when the baby is independent, but they meet again in winter.   The fox who has paired up will settle down in the nest.
The nest is a hole in the ground cave and sometimes digs its own.
The nesting place in the ground is 20 meters long.
Many foxes only live in their homes when they raise their young.
When a baby grows up and is able to hunt on its own, both the baby and the parent usually sleep outside.   Foxes eat anything they can easily catch.
Foxes usually hunt at night and are active throughout the four seasons
The fox hears the mouse as it travels through the grasslands.
The mouse hides in the grass, but jumps right away without increasing the minute movement of the grass.


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