fly Life

Flies lay about 1-400 eggs at a time, depending on the species.
Some breeds lay thousands of eggs in their lifetime.
Generally the eggs of Paris are round.
There are many different places where flies lay eggs.
A fly that wakes up from an egg is commonly called a maggot.
There are many places where maggots live in animal and plant bodies where food and trash are dead. 
During caterpillars, the body usually escapes several times as it grows while eating.
Adult caterpillars change into pupa, and their duration varies from days to two years depending on the species.
It is time to break the rapid changes in physiology and form to become a caterpillar.
Paris also lives about three weeks in summer.
I live longer in autumn and spring when the temperature is low.
Most people spend the winter in the condition of the egg larvae pupae because they cannot live in the winter.  Some flies hibernate until spring.


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