How to Stay Out of Fake News

Fake news doesn't go away. It's going to get worse.
Artificial intelligence technology can produce fake information that is not distinct from the real and the fake, making it difficult for the average person to tell.
The use of the news is personal.   In the world of smartphones and social media, individuals actively choose their favorite news.
We will use the news mainly to satisfy our interests.
The second social media environment doesn't show the source well.
They read the news on social media, and they don't really care where it comes from.
People just remember the platform.
The third acquaintance's influence has expanded.
Fake news producers use fake news as a conduit for spreading fake news.
Users tend to believe in information without considering its source.
To avoid falling into fake news, you have to read the title critically.
The more fake news, the more sensational the story, the more attention it gets to the reader.  The more sensational and extreme the title is, the more likely it's fake news or bad news.   Fake news is often copied from the design of popular media sites.
In order to verify the authenticity of the news, we need to verify the information and the source of the news.   Fake news often comes with inappropriate words and expressions.
It's got a photo in it, and the video's easy to manipulate.
In the news, the land-and-land principle is a must-have, clearly marked date and location, the real news. 
Even if it's presented in statistics, tables, or graphs, you can't trust it or trust it.
In foreign countries, even the authoritative newspaper writes April 1 April Fool's Day.
It's important to check for fake news and be critical of the news.


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