monkey life

All monkeys, including those living on the ground, are from monkeys that lived on trees.
So every monkey's body is suitable for living on trees and moving between trees.
Unlike other mammals, monkeys rely more on their eyesight than hearing to understand their surroundings.  Monkeys that live in zoos live longer than other animals.
They also live longer than other mammals except humans.
Chimpanzees live up to 60 years and tail monkeys live 40 years.
In the wild, disease and other reasons than when he was living in zoos ㅇ [ be short-lived.  Monkeys can eat almost anything.
The food is usually bird flowers, frogs, fruits, insects, leaves, and lizards.
Monkeys all have sharp spines on their molars to break leaves into small pieces.
Monkeys usually give birth to one litter.
But sometimes they give birth to two or three.
The monkey pregnancy period is approximately 4.5 to 8 months.
Most baby monkeys depend entirely on their mothers.
The mother feeds the birds for two to three weeks, depending on the species.
At first, they carry their babies around until they can walk around safely on their own.
All monkeys build groups and lead social life.


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