The fact that I didn't know about dogs.

It is completely incomprehensible to a dog to eat poo in a person's common sense.
People think there is a problem with dogs.  But humans and dogs are different.
Think of a newborn puppy.  I can't open my eyes and walk properly.
But it feeds on milk and dissipates.
The mother dog licks her excreta with her tongue.
No wonder a dog with this habit eats its own poo.
Once the puppy is able to pee on its own, the mother dog will lick and dispose of it.
But there is no resistance to eating shit.
In fact, in countries with poor food conditions, such as Southeast Asian countries, dogs can see them eating their own poop and human poop.
However, it is hard to imagine dogs eating dog poop for food in developed countries where food is plentiful.   There must be another reason if you eat poop even though you usually give enough food.  The most common cause is anxiety.
It's the anxiety people feel when they're alone at home after they are out.
Of course, there must be some people who are unable to be together because of their circumstances.  I'm not talking about the anxiety between a dog and a man.
Even though people often leave their homes and stay away for a long time, dogs with unstable mental conditions eat poop.  In fact, there are many people who hold their dogs warmly before going out or when they return home
Of course it is a love affair.
Excessive farewell is not only disturbing the dog but also aggravating the relationship.
What does the dog think about breaking up?    Accept that you are alone
Every time I hear a farewell, it's an unbearable pain for my dog.
Therefore, it is natural to feel stressed every time you hear a farewell.
To get rid of anxiety, simply don't do anything that might cause it.
When you go out or come back, you must avoid special expressions or personages and keep your peace of mind.   Thorough treating a dog with indifference may be painful at first, but it is the best way to eliminate anxiety.


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